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The line of products includes electronic motion controlled suspension systems, sport suspension systems, springs and shock absorbers

CoiloversAutotechnics Coil-Over Suspension

With our complete individual adjustable coilovers one is able to adjust the height of the vehicle both at the front and rear. Lowering the car is adjustable from 20 until 80 mm, depending on the type of car and the TUV approved heights.

By changing the ride height it provides an improvement to the balance of the chassis. Driving tendencies when cornering or body roll in fast cornering is significantly  reduced.

Our coilovers are shock absorbers in chrome look with screw thread mounted on the exterior of the strut. The height of the car is set with adjustment rings, spring perch and contra nuts.

If a side-by-side axel is mounted, the kit is equipped with lowering springs, shock absorbers and a threaded spring perch. The ride height of the side-by-side system can be adjusted with the threaded spring perch.

Autotechnics coilover chrome is developed according ISO and TÜV standards.

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