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Autotechnics Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs

While the standard suspension generally puts emphasis on maximum comfort, it is possible to move this adjustment more or less distinctly in the direction of sportiness.

Autotechnics Lowering springs are a successful compromise between comfort and sportiness that, besides moderate lowering, gives the vehicle a sporty touch by increasing the spring characteristic.

By modifying the spring characteristic, the Autotechnics engineers achieved another step towards a sporty adjustment, without a renunciation of comfort.
Lowering springs are mounted on the strut and lower the car between 20 and 60 mm. Lowering springs have a set drop rating and cannot be adjusted to various heights.

Besides lowering your car and providing a more aggressive look, a properly fitted set of lowered springs, with an increased but progressive spring rate, both lowers the center of gravity and stiffens the suspension - resulting in improved handling at some limited expense to the ride.

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